Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

How Do I APPLY?   Fast Easy!   You Start With Answering A Few Simple QUESTIONS.

How Does The PROCESS Work?

Simply in a 3-STEP process: Pre-Qualify, Apply, & Decide.

Is There HELP Available?

YES, “WE” Can Come To You & HELP with all application Questions and concerns On-the-Phone or Face-to-Face.

Are There FEES?

NO up-front Fees.

How Can I Use The MONEY?

ANYWAY You Want! Use the Money as you CHOOSE. There are NO Restrictions.


NO Obligation! You will know exactly what the Terms of your Settlement are “Before” you make any decisions.

Are Life Settlements REGULATED?

YES, We are REGISTERED with the “State of Nevada”, and all Forms must be APPROVED by the “State of Nevada”.

Can I Get Outside ADVICE?

YES, Absolutely! You are encouraged to review everything with your family & Financial Advisors. And “We” are here to HELP You On-the-Phone or Face-to-Face, review all of the documents & any details of the process.

Why Should Life Settlements Be CONSIDERED?

Because 90% of all policies are LAPSED, CANCELLED, or SURRENDERED before paying a claim.

Do I Have To SELL My Entire Life Insurance Policy?

NO, you CHOOSE the Amount you need. You have the “Option” of selling a Portion of your policy or the Entire value.

Is There A TYPE Of Policy Needed?

NO, “All” policy types are Considered.

Is There A DIFFERENCE From One Company’s Offer To Another?

Yes, Offers can DIFFER many $1,000s of Dollars from One-to-Another.

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terms and condition

John Marron will function as a registered agent registered with the State of Nevada.He will refer policyholders as needed to different life settlement sources. Compensations will be paid at the time of settlement. There is no guarantee of an amount of an offer or of an offer being made. At this time Nevada is the only place he will be functioning in. Nevada refers to life settlements as viatical settlements.


We do NOT use Cookies or share your information with any companies or individuals except those needed to obtain an offer of purchase. Your information will be kept ONLY as long as needed to meet State requirements. After which it is destroyed. We do not collect information from minors. You have the right to cancel this inquiry at any time without obligation.