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We use our many years of experience to make it Fast, Easy, & Profitable for You.

We will HELP You find a Life SETTLEMENT that will get You the Most “MONEY” Possible for Your Policy.

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The Policy you have put away in your drawer might be

WORTH more "MONEY" Than You Think!

Why SELL Your Policy?

Life Settlement = Life Savers

NO Restrictions

YES Get-Cash

NO Re-Payment

YES Spend Cash Anyway-You-Want

NO Up-Front Fees

YES Can Keep Portion-of-Policy

NO Obligation / Premiums

YES Peace of Mind

We will HELP You “Negotiate” an INSURANCE Policy contract for You with a Life SETTLEMENT Provider to get You the Most "MONEY" Possible for Your Policy.

The Life Settlement Industry PAYOUTS to Policy holders are…$10,000s to $100,000s of Dollars.

Not all Life Settlement companies are equal.  This means, the Settlement can place many more $1,000s in Your Pocket.  Would you buy a car without checking the price?  Don’t take just any PRICE for your Policy.

Let Us HELP You Get The Most “CASH” For Your Policy!

Other Reasons Why SELL Your Policy

  • PREMIUMS are a burden
  • FINANCIAL situation has Changed
  • FINANCIAL Strain
  • Retirement INCOME needed
  • Do not need the COVERAGE:
  • The Children are now financially SUFFICIENT
  • Spouse no-longer needs this type of PROTECTION
  • Business life INSURANCE is no-longer needed
  • ESTATE plans have changed
  • Want your money into other SAVINGS or INESTMENTS
  • Want money for ACTIVITIES, HOBBIES, &/or TRAVELING
  • Need the money for MEDICAL expenses
  • HEALTH Declined
  • Want a different & more suited Life INSURANCE policy

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terms and condition

John Marron will function as a registered agent registered with the State of Nevada.He will refer policyholders as needed to different life settlement sources. Compensations will be paid at the time of settlement. There is no guarantee of an amount of an offer or of an offer being made. At this time Nevada is the only place he will be functioning in. Nevada refers to life settlements as viatical settlements.


We do NOT use Cookies or share your information with any companies or individuals except those needed to obtain an offer of purchase. Your information will be kept ONLY as long as needed to meet State requirements. After which it is destroyed. We do not collect information from minors. You have the right to cancel this inquiry at any time without obligation.