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John Marron


“SELL” Your Life INSURANCE Policy!!!

Life SETTLEMENTS’ PAYOUTS… $10,000s to $100,000s of Dollars.

Not All Life SETTLEMENTS Are Equal…
Let Us Help You Get More MONEY Now!


Let’s Talk About Selling Life Insurance Policy for Cash

Do you want to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy for Cash? The first step to proceed with an analysis of your policy and your current situation
such as health and age to oversee how it will help your current position.

Let’s Discuss Your Situation

To decide whether a Life Settlement is a good idea for your present state of affairs, let us weigh the potential benefits, drawbacks and financial risks. We will deduce which offer is best suited for your current position.

Let’s Determine If Your Policy Qualifies

Our prompt underwriting process will quickly tell you if your policy qualifies as a candidate for a Life Settlement after administering your situation.

Let's Review your options

With all the information, we will study the all the alternatives available so you can determine what the right choices are for you. If you Sell Your Insurance Policy for Cash, you will receive an amount that is larger than the cash surrender value.


By deciding to Sell Insurance Policy, seniors could get paid 10 times more cash on average than you would think. The type of insurance policy can vary. You can Sell Term Life Insurance Policy, Life Insurance, Universal Life among other options.

All these Life INSURANCE Policies may be SOLD & “Worth” more "CASH" than You Think…
Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Index Life, & Others.

Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash

Selling a Life Insurance Policy for Cash is totally possible and an astute option for individuals! This can bring much-needed economical support to those in financial distress. Whether you need to cover your medical costs or plan for long-term care, selling your Life Insurance Policy can have a significant help to your financial condition.

Am I Eligible for Selling My Life Insurance for Cash?

Now that you know that it is possible to Sell your Life Insurance Policy, it is necessary to remember that some eligibility conditions apply.
Age/Health: The majority of customers who actually sell their insurance policy are 60 + years of age who suffer from medical problems.

Policy Type: Most policies are all eligible for Life Settlement.
Policy Size: The present policy should have a face value of $100,000 or more.

Benefits of Life Settlement

Enjoy Your Retirement

Life Settlements can be designed to provide you with retirement funds so that you can live your life without having to think about money or compromise on your lifestyle.

Lower Your Expenses

Deciding to Sell your Life Insurance Policy, it can be a good move if it is no longer needed or affordable. Stop paying monthly insurance premiums.

Cover Healthcare Expenses

If you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening illness, you can use the option for getting Cash from Selling your Life Insurance Policy by easing any financial burden.

Greater Lump Sum Liquid Payout

The upfront lump sum Payout you obtain for a Life Settlement is usually higher than the policy’s surrender value.

Financial Advantages

In particular, people often choose Life Settlement because they want to enjoy the financial benefits of their Life Insurance with their family. We work to provide access to information, advice, and services for our customers to enable them to make the right decision about Life Settlement.

No Added Anxiety

Unfortunately, health-care and retirement problems can be very financially burdensome. It can be extremely difficult for people to cope with this stress but Life Settlement can help eliminate that stress by increasing your Cash on hand.

Policy Size

The present policy should have a face value of $100,000 or more.

See how much your policy may be Worth

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John Marron will function as a registered agent registered with the State of Nevada.He will refer policyholders as needed to different life settlement sources. Compensations will be paid at the time of settlement. There is no guarantee of an amount of an offer or of an offer being made. At this time Nevada is the only place he will be functioning in. Nevada refers to life settlements as viatical settlements.


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